25 January 2009

Tagging - HuRuL_Aini

The Rules:

Go to urbandictionary.com and type in your answer to the following questions.

Post the first definition it gives you.

Tag 5 people.

1. Your Name?

in urbandictionary.com Hamizah isn't defined yet

but in Islam, Hamizah mean Kebijaksanaan

2. Your Age?

Now 19 but this year I will be 20..

Lana is one of my best friend in my high school life

4. What should you be doing?

Studying.. Assignment.. Haha I've too much thing to do!!

5. Favourite Colour?

Black.. Hmm..?

6. Birthplace?

Hospital Universiti KL..

7. Month of your birth?

March.. Hehe Sungguh bergaya!!

8. Last person you talked to?

My Sister.. Why did she suddenly curious about me??

9. One of your nickname?

cLoVer.. if you take c out, it will become LoVer..
I don't think many people like c..
that why it is so hard to find one :)


I can't tag anyone.. We're all bz..
I don't want to disturb anyone to do their assignment or homework

Ps/: Anyone? Feel free to do this tag :)


HuRuL_Aini said...

haha...mcm terpaksa buat je....
hehe, neway, hope it help u release ur stress a bit & having fun doing it...hehe
keep in touch dear..:)

Adawiyah said...

You're welcome. Wah... Cepat benar ukhti censorednya... =p Heheh.

cLoVer4miza said...

Hurul Aini :

Biase je.. cuma tag ni susah skit coz sy kene blaja camne nk wat 'screen capture'.. lgpon sy xleh jwb dgn honest coz some meaning kat web tu sgt la tak baik.. but still sy blaja benda baru :D

Adawiyah :

Thank u!!! Tak perasan.. Huhu bile dah online susah skit nk wat assignment.. ada je benda lain nak wat.. hehe >.<