18 December 2008

So Much To Do In Life

In a little time Allah gives to us..
I opened a small box yet very beautiful

A lot of thing inside the box, it was really fun

Curious, so I explore another box

This time I feel sorrow, pain inside me

Somehow by doing this, I learn what is life

Something that very precious from it

I was amaze by many other box

I want to open all these boxes

But a mortal life span is too short to do such a thing

A single lifetime limits how many boxes you can open



van qif said...


Nice blog...i just found new box today..

cLoVeR4miza said...


Thank you for visiting my blog.. I wonder what kind of box you found :)

HuRuL_Aini said...

but.....mmg hanging je...but nice entry...true, Allah give us 24 hours a day...yet we always feel didnt enough time...& sumtimes feel times running slowly...hehe...manusia mmg slalu lupa bsyukur....

cLoVeR4miza said...

In 24 hours a day, time goes just the same.. The days kept on flowing, I was afraid.. It is not about don't have enough time but rather on how you use the time wisely..

I always wanted to go travel.. I really want to discover new thing~

Ibnurashidi said...

Memang terlalu banyak dan berliku..hidup manusia ini sebagai pengembara diperhentian..