14 February 2009


The Garden

Give from that which you’ve been given
Before a day will come, when you’d wish that
you would have been saved
By that which you’ve withheld
And all the riches in the world

Oh The Garden
A splendor beyond all worldly pleasures
The Garden
Nothing compares to the beauty found in it
No worries, no noise, and no boredom

How many children cry out
For a day’s meal
To fill up their empty bellies?

How many people in hardship
Cast their eyes upon you
And all they have is patience
For the state they find themselves in?

How many people live in greed
With wealth so wrong and deeds?
They will be asked
All that which you give now
Is in the balance
A sign of faith

Our money will be left to those after us
We will only take with us
that which we’ve given (in charity)
How long do we think we’ll live?
Or have we forgotten
That this world will surely be forsaken
Whether we like it or not

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